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Meet Kelly Bagla

San Diego’s Corporate and Securities Attorney

Kelly has been providing expert legal counsel to domestic and international clients for over 10 years. As a creator of the Legal Lifecycle program, she knows how to help her clients navigate the legalities of running a business. Kelly specializes in assisting entrepreneurs throughout the various stages of their companies’ lifecycle, develop roadmaps that lead their businesses to success, and plan exit strategies that maximize their profits.


Offshore Asset Protection

The strongest asset protection you can establish is an offshore strategy involving a limited liability company and a trust. Offshore asset protection removes your entire asset portfolio out of the U.S. legal system. You essentially put your assets into a legal system that has the strongest asset protection laws in the world. There are many reasons to protect your assets including :

  • Business Lawsuits
  • Personal Lawsuits
  • Divorce
  • Unfair Judgments

The top asset protection strategies include :

  • Creating an Offshore Trust
  • Setup an International Bank Account with 100% Privacy
  • Start an Offshore Limited Liability Company for Maximum Protection

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