The Growth Phase

Manage business resources and cashflow to meet your growing demands.

Business Restructuring Services

Business restructuring is a process of reorganizing a company, which may be implemented for a number of different reasons such as positioning the company to be more competitive or moving the business toward an entirely new direction. Restructuring a business entity is often needed when the company has grown so that the original structure can no longer efficiently meet the goals of the company. For example, a business restructuring may spin off some departments into subsidiaries to create a more effective management model.

Investment Funding Services

When business owners are in need of financing for their business they usually turn to family, friends, or private investors for funding. Whenever the business raises money through these channels, it needs to provide a document called a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). A PPM is a disclosure document that is heavily regulated by the Securities Act. For businesses, the PPM is a critical piece of document because it provides a safety back-up against potential claims by investors.

Contracts and documents required in the Growth phase:

  • Confidentiality Contract
  • Employee Contract
  • Invention Assignment Contract
  • Employee Handbook
  • Service Contract
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Office Lease Agreement
  • Loan Agreement

Phase 1:

Make the right legal structure decisions in the earliest days of your company

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Phase 3:

Protect your assets by licensing the rights to your brand and intellectual property

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Phase 4:

Set up legal buy-sell agreements and create business transition plans

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